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Educating the Public on Turfgrass

ARS developed an exhibit, Grass Roots to educate the public on the importance, diversity, and benefits of turfgrass and relatives.

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Guarding Against Citrus Greening

ARS researchers are developing new strategies to combat citrus greening

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National Gene Bank System Safeguards Our Crops

The National Plant Germplasm System is a collection of seeds, cuttings, bud wood, rootstocks, and other plant materials.

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Keeping Close Watch on Rift Valley Fever

ARS researchers and Federal partners formed the Rift Valley Fever Outbreak Early-Warning Team.

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Bringing Science from Lab to Home

ARS’s Office of Technology Transfer is, in essence, the bridge that connects ARS scientific technologies to homes across the Nation.

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Science at Your Fingertips

The National Agricultural Library provides access to millions of journal articles, publications and rare books and manuscripts.

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Doing Our Part To Protect The U.S. Military

ARS is working with our Nation’s military to develop products that protect military personnel from insect-transmitted diseases.

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