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Bison on the Plains

Bison on the Plains

Plains Area

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Laurence Chandler, Director


ARS’s Plains Area has the largest land holdings dedicated to range and livestock research within ARS. Approximately 300,000 acres at seven locations provide unique opportunities for cooperative research to address key needs of livestock producers across the United States. The Plains Area addresses national needs through a network of 22 research locations across 10 states.

In This Section

New Tool for Addressing Water Scarcity

An ARS research team along with the Southwest Climate Hub in Las Cruces, NM, developed a resource called The Water Adaptation Techniques Atlas.

Improved Irrigation Management Tool

To support efficient water management, ARS researchers developed an open-source model, pyfao56, for precise crop water management.

Using AI to Control Grain Pests

ARS scientists used artificial intelligence to develop image-based identification for five common stored grain insect species.

Hempseed Cake a Safe Livestock Food?

Hempseed cake was mixed into cattle feed for approximately 16 weeks and then meat products from the cattle were tested for CBD and THC levels.

Understanding Genetic Workings of Animals

By using telomere-to-telomere assemblies, ARS scientists can better understand the biological and genomic basis for how animals differ.