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Bison on the Plains

Bison on the Plains

Plains Area

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Laurence Chandler, Director


ARS’s Plains Area has the largest land holdings dedicated to range and livestock research within ARS. Approximately 300,000 acres at seven locations provide unique opportunities for cooperative research to address key needs of livestock producers across the United States. The Plains Area addresses national needs through a network of 22 research locations across 10 states.

In This Section

The Toxin that’s Hiding in Plain Sight

ARS scientists are studying the potential health risks of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

Protecting American Cattle From Ticks

ARS scientists collaborated to sequence and assemble the genomes of the ticks that cause cattle fever and anaplasmosis.

Liver and Onions - Hold the Abscess

Changes in cattle rumen associated with liver abscesses remain well after the early development of rumen acidosis caused by high corn diets.

Helping Farmers in South America

Scientists investigated practices that might help smallholder farmers increase sustainability of their lands and adapt to a changing climate.

Stopping a Deadly Virus at the Border

ARS researchers collaborated with Kansas State University to reduce the potential consequences of the Japanese encephalitis virus entering the United States.