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ARS’s Plains Area has the largest land holdings dedicated to range and livestock research within ARS. Approximately 300,000 acres at seven locations provide unique opportunities for cooperative research to address key needs of livestock producers across the United States. The Plains Area addresses national needs through a network of 22 research locations across 10 states.

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A Quick Way To Spot Zika in Mosquitoes

ARS scientists have developed a new test to quickly detect Zika virus in mosquitos.

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inspecting peanuts
New Peanut a ‘Contender’

‘Contender’ is a new Virginia-type peanut that can promote cardiovascular health and extend peanut product shelf life.

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Hormone Controls Desire to Eat

Scientists may have found a breakthrough for one of the biggest health concerns in the United States.

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Science Shows Less Can Equal More

Raising beef cattle without antibiotics may not reduce levels of antimicrobial resistance.

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