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Rows of crops growing in front of a barn and silo.

Rows of crops growing in front of a barn and silo.

Midwest Area

Rosalind James
Rosalind James, Director


ARS’s Midwest Area conducts research to develop economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural systems that enhance the yield and quality of crops and livestock, improve human health, create crop-based alternatives to petroleum-derived fuels and products, and protect the environment. The Midwest Area is home to 13 research locations and laboratories in 9 states.

In This Section

Let’s Hear It for Biogas!

ARS scientists are sounding out a new way to improve biogas production and help the environment.

Green Jet Fuel Takes Off

Scientists have assembled a collection of yeasts that convert agriculture waste into bio-oil, which is then easily converted into biodiesel or renewable jet fuel.

When the Grass is Greener on All Sides

ARS researchers investigated whether vegetative filter strips could remove excess nitrogen from runoff.

New Method Detects Mercury

Researchers developed a portable, dual detection biosensor that enables on-site testing of samples for mercury and displays the results on a smart phone.