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Shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay

Natural Resources & Sustainable Agricultural Systems

ARS’s Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems (NRSAS) program provides innovative solutions that ensure sustainable food production while also protecting our natural resources, leading to agricultural production systems that adapt to changing climate and are sustainable for future generations. NRSAS supports researchers in developing the technologies and strategies needed to help farmers, ranchers, and other natural resource managers effectively steward the diverse agricultural ecosystems across the Nation.

In This Section

Let’s Hear It for Biogas!

ARS scientists are sounding out a new way to improve biogas production and help the environment.

Predicting High-Risk Areas for Wildfires

Researchers developed a forecast tool to determine which areas have the highest probability of a large rangeland fire.

Centipedegrass Food for Pollinators

ARS researchers discovered that bees collect pollen from centipedegrass flower heads.

Aquatic Plants to the Rescue!

ARS researchers found that keeping plants in drainage ditches can benefit the aquatic ecosystem

When the Grass is Greener on All Sides

ARS researchers investigated whether vegetative filter strips could remove excess nitrogen from runoff.

How Healthy is Your Soil?

Researchers have developed a new, easier way to find the answer to the question, "How much carbon is stored in soil?"