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ARS’s Pacific West Area (PWA) provides research-based solutions that sustain high agricultural productivity, good nutrition, prosperous rural and national economies, and healthy agro-ecosystems. The Area is composed of 46 research units in 8 states with a diverse research portfolio in ecologically friendly bioproducts, food processing, crop health and productivity, natural resources conservation, rangeland health, crop germplasm preservation, animal health, and human nutrition.

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Cheating Cheatgrass

Restoring rangelands to a healthy mix of plants increases the productivity and sustainability of agriculture.

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Waste Not, Want Not

Good food going bad is a sad thing when many people are going hungry, but ARS researchers have addressed that issue.

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Keeping Almonds Safe and Dry

An effective, energy-saving technology to help keep microbes and mycotoxins off almonds.

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Plant Inspection
Citrus Disease

A way to distinguish between two citrus diseases that are similar in appearance, but dangerously different.

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