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    Peach Tree

ARS’s Crop Production and Protection (CPP) program helps ensure that Americans continue to enjoy the most abundant, affordable, safe, and nutritious food supply in history. The research done within CPP delivers science-based information, genetic resources, and technologies for increased crop productivity, economically and environmentally sustainable methods of crop production, and protection from plant diseases and pests.


* Peach tree photo courtesy of Getty Images

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stinkbugs on a leaf
Luring Stink Bugs to Their Doom

ARS scientists are looking into “attractive” ways to kill brown marmorated stink bugs.

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inspecting peanuts
New Peanut a ‘Contender’

‘Contender’ is a new Virginia-type peanut that can promote cardiovascular health and extend peanut product shelf life.

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Strawberry Fields Forever

A way to control the mold while keeping the strawberries fresh and tasty.

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Pheromone Dispenser
Disrupting Borer Mating

When twisted onto a peach tree branch, the pheromone dispenser disrupts the activity of peachtree borers.

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Plant Inspection
Citrus Disease

A way to distinguish between two citrus diseases that are similar in appearance, but dangerously different.

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